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William Brossard

Born in Nîmes in 1978, William Brossard spent his childhood and youth in the Cévennes between the Gard and the Lozère. He chose to stay there, near Alès, where he works and lives in a bioclimatic house and workshop that he has designed and built.
A passionate drawer, he quickly focused on combining art and technique.
William Brossard holds a technology degree (DUT) in mechanical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Design. He was recruited as a designer by PGO Automobiles as soon as he finished his studies in 2001.
This first experience in a small structure enabled him to manufacture aesthetic pieces and take part in the entire process, from design to the final prototype.

Self-taught and independent, he quickly decided to register at “La Maison des Artistes” to carry out a project with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris). He created ARTIMACHINES in 2002, a workshop where he would explore different techniques and manufacture various pieces and machines.

He then worked for the musée Lumière in Lyon, which ordered an aesthetic and functional copy of the Cinématographe created by the Lumière brothers as well as several pre-cinema exhibits which are still on display. The Musée des Arts et Métiers (Paris) later asked him to create a mechanical device capable of singing like a nightingale. From then on, different museums and institutions have continually requested him to make various models, machines, and exhibits, including:
-The Institut du Monde Arabe (his creations will go all the way to Damascus)
-The Centre Pompidou
-The Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
-The Cité de la Musique
-The Muséum de Toulouse
-The Cevennes National Park […]
He also worked with French production companies and created several items for cinema and TV, including the 2018 Alain Chabat’s film “Santa & Cie”.

In parallel, he has expanded into wood sculptures and creating furniture that allow him to express other sides of his creativity. One approach is searching for pieces of wood in nature and taking inspiration from their forms.
His sculptures are intuitive, organic, harmonious, thorough and create a feeling of softness. These unique pieces created closely in adherence with the woods’ natural shape emphasize the nobility and the beauty of the material, they speak to the soul.
In 2008, he completed his first sculpture orders for individuals.
ecently, he decided to create his first bronzes based on his wooden sculptures, chiselling and burnishing them in his own, distinctive way.